Yay! My new BloG :)

Hi everyone,

I am a new one here in Blog world. I hope you all can enjoy my blog later on πŸ™‚

My Name is Enrica Rinintya, I’m an Indonesian born on 1988. Going on my third year study at The Department of Architecture and Planning, Gadjah Mada University (still new..? hihi,,LOL (“,) )

Currently, being a teaching assistant of History and Theory of Nusantara Architecture brought me to a great interest on History of Architecture. I like such learning system, where we discuss and share knowledge, so I hope this blog could be a media for it too ^^

Beside my university life, I have another life which is the Music World. Since July 2007, I was accepted for a part time job at Purwacaraka Music Studio, as a piano classic tutor. Tutoring kids is fun, yet refreshing sometimes πŸ™‚

Anybody who wishes to know me better, just drop by and say hi πŸ™‚

My new challenge is now understanding japanese, anybody who could help me increase my ability, please do so, it will be lovely.

.:douzo yoroshiku:.

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