Idul Fitri, 1428 H

Assalamu’alaikum everybody,

I just want to share a story, something I saw during my first day at Jakarta, the endless city 24/7.

This year, my family and I are celebrating the holy ied at Cipinang, East Jakarta. The first day I arrived at Jakarta (11 October 2007), Jakarta seems too be pretty quiet.. Jakarta wa shizuka desu! But, suddenly,,Tonight (12 October 2007), on the way back from Senayan City with my aunty and my parents, Jakarta is extremely full of MOTORCYCLE!! and Some trucks doing takbiran are on the tollway,. Motorcycle drove passes cars with high speeds, luckily the trucks didn’t. But surely, Jakarta is way crowded. Just out of my expectation 🙂

Yesterday, it was announced that Indonesia’s iedul fitri will be held tommorow on the 13th, even though some people have already done it today. Idul Fitri, the most precious and holy celebration of Islam, celebrated by all moslems in the world. The takbir “Allahuakbar wa lillah ilham”, made me feel excited and calm and memorable.

Allah SWT is always watching us 🙂 and for all moslems around the world, I just wanna say, “HAPPY IED MUBARAK 1428 H”. May we forgive all mistakes and start it all from zero, brand new and clean 🙂

Wassalamu’alaikum Wa rahmatullah..

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