Paul Rudolph’s at Jakarta

paul.jpgPaul Rudolph is one of the greatest architect of America on the late modern era. He has created aesthetical building forms, and created buildings around the world.

Here is a brief Paul’s biography I found:
Paul Marvin Rudolph (Oct.23,1918-Aug.8,1997)
Graduated at Alabama Polytechnic Institute, then continued his study at Harvard University under Walter Gropius. He was also the chairman of Department of Architecture at Yale University, from 1958-1965.

“In his designs, Rudolph synthesizes the Modernist ideas of Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Louis I. Kahn. He uses sweeping monolithic forms and intricate interior spaces to create a powerful sculptural quality”

Once I arrived at Jakarta on the 11th, I drove up to Blok-M Plaza with my cousins on the evening, and I was pretty amazed, seeing such a highrise building on the way, with a very good aesthetic form (compare to others on the area). I asked my cousin what it was, and she said it was a mixed-use building.

The next day, which was today, when I was on the way to senayan city, I past it again! And this time, I ask my father, for he might have known this building before. He said, some part of it was used as an exhibition by him and his campus friends during his study period in at Department of Architecture, Gadjah Mada University.

A very big ambition, took me on searching for this building through the net, and hope I can share it with everybody, here is what I found:


This building is located at Jalan Sudirman, Central Jakarta, right on the CBD area of Jakarta. What makes this building stand out well on other highrises around, is the very strong tropical characteristic attached to this building design, which was smartly adopted from local Indonesian Architecture. This building is then famous with its name “WISMA DHARMALA SAKTI”.

At Jakarta Post, 26 august, 2007 was also stated on the article title ” Green the underappreciated design Approach”, that this building is a good example on managing great spaces through generating a simple green design concepts.

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