The first time I heard the statement Konbini was from a lecturer, whose also a friend of mine who stayed in Osaka,Japan for a year for a research study, and here I search for the term konbini, and here’s what I could share and write about it.

Konbini (コンビニ), in english is called a convenient store. Whereas all around the world we see them everywhere. Here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia I saw them as Circle K ( 24/7 store), in Singapore I saw 7-eleven, and lots more other names are available to identify such a convenient store.

Convenient stores provide basic needs of humans. So basically what is sold on the konbini is as usual as it is. Instant noodles, beverages (usually cold), potato chips, chocolate bars, cigarettes, and others. Usually people go to such konbini to avoid the queue line in department store or supermarket. And it saves time, when you really are in a hurry. People who wants to buy only one or two items, should better visit the konbini.

Here, in this case, we see that a konbini is a valuable place to stop by. Being a life-saver of humans, has made konbini a highly needed stores. Spreading all around the world like moss on stones. Very fast and unnoticeable.


Konbini seen as an architectural object, is very unique. Thus, it’s a very functionable building to the users, and yet “chic” in its designs layout. The right konbini also has the right standars in the term of ergonomy and anthropometrically suits the human who came and buy inside. 

A small scale building but could provide a suitable function indeed!

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