NEO NATION – biennale jogja IX 2007 (part 1)

img_3137.jpgimg_3126.jpgimg_3137.jpgimg_3126.jpgimg_3126.jpgimg_3149.jpgimg_3135.jpgwow, I didn’t realise that this thing is gonna be a perfect HORROR!

This place (Jogja National Museum) is soooo creepy..But trust me, the exhibitions are great!!!!
See, indonesian’s aren’t that left behind! Lotsa potential, talent and creativity but only sometimes lack of confindence.

Scroll down and see what I caught during my visit to Jogja National Museum with my friend (Palupi Pinasthika). We were astonished, yet so amazed that the exhibiton and the place were so great!


a chairil anwar…I’m a fan of his novels. The idea of using a “teplok” lamp is so smart!


Why did i put this picture below that chairil anwar’s? can guess why!

 img_3123.jpg #1

img_3124.jpg #2

img_3125.jpg  #3

I use to call these kind of paintings “mambo paintings”.. It’s just a special kind of Art, not everybody can do.


Ready, steady……GO!!!!!!!!!


The “moral turtle” a.k.a “kura-kura moral” , when you press the black thing, a slide show will be shown on the wall opposite to this turtle.


A real fossils are they? hmmm…gotcha! it’s fake! hihihi… Agus suwage’s I think..

For those who haven’t yet seen this exhibition, there’s still time to see it. The closing ceremony will be on January 28th, 2008 at 7 pm-2 am.. have a go at seeing the exhibiton.

I’m proud of Jogjakarta! 🙂

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