I was there!

yokohama..If I have to think now, I might say that It was one of my dream to be there..

I stayed there for about an hour,,to capture this night shot of yokohama.
being honest, it was the most empty town I’ve visited so far in Japan probably it wasn’t the right timing, but it was wonderful and It was an unforgetable moment to be there. It was scary at the first time, because I went there only with my braveness. It is a place out of my sight, and I was a total foreigner. Only stepping in paths by feelings. And goodness it was soooooo magnificent. Just an expression which I will never be able too describe, and it is really worth to see. You’ll be dying coz amazement. Enjoy my photos! I hope everyone could enjoy as much as I did during my time in Yokohama. One word is never enough to describe. Wonderful! God is the All Mighty!

to see,,just click on the image below..


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