Started my research on Open Space :)

Since I was in Osaka, Japan. I decided to do a little research on public open space. An open space, owned by either private nor public but the main target is for the use of the public. One must remember that, even though they might be the same in shape and form; for example parks or waterfronts or plaza or even square. Those forms might have different aim and concepts. An approach used in different designs, brought different atmospheres and different environment. How those space cope with surroundings, becomes the most important key for the role of the open space. One day, i made a conclusion, that open space is actually an exact form of social catalyst. Then, I found out that famous lansdcape architecture is defining the same thing. So, I took the word catalyst, so deep in meaning. And since then on, my point of view for open space became wider.

We might not realise directly how those places I mentioned became usefull in life. But, I must say, if you have to imagine, taking away one of an open public spaces in your area where you live, and there with you remains only the residential, or trade and commercial. How would you feel? πŸ™‚
There, you could see how such open spaces could give a big influence in your social life. Where social activities takes place, whereΒ Β the city breaths, where there will be an interconnection of accesibility. Crawling into a deeper state of quantity and quality of urban life and how it affects the life of the city itself.

Anyone interested in open space design, or is an expert of landspace arechitecture. From various design backgrounds, researchers and all. Please welcome to share. Through this blogpost, i will make a tag of Open Space. And If I have new information later on open space. I will tag them under open space for an ease of search.

More information:
both of them are the sites I follow up lately πŸ™‚ I’ll be waiting for your share everyone! πŸ˜‰

Here are some photos I took during my surveys..

for more, please visit my flickr acount πŸ˜‰

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