Blogging,addiction,critical mind Vs Design

I realised, that only by writing something into my blog yesterday, for which I have not written a single blog since I came back from Japan, made my mind changed a little. In what sort of way, that I have to be aware now, whether it’s going into a positive or a negative way. And it’s called an ADDICTION!

I am not yet addictive enough to be called addicted, but I am seeing the symptoms. even now I made myself to turn my head to, and search for blogging addiction threads and articles, and surprisingly there were many of them. Talking about blog addiction and even quizzes about blog addiction.

This is one of the example from daily blog tips , I didn’t try it since, they asked you to sign up later on. But, actually I’ve done the question, and realise that I’m probably an average. Also look at this blog here, a writing made by a psychologist, and that the questions arouse was possibly about your addiction to blog.

But, if you are careful enough, blog could grab you to produce a critical brain. With what you think and what you have in mind, would be considered as critical. Believe it or not your mind won’t stop working, not even when you sleep And when you are critical enough, you might think of something that other people don’t get to think of, and it is purely genuinely your idea. It pops out from your head, and it evolves.

As this is mostly on my opinion, but I am seeing my phenomena today, just then, why i chose to sit and write anything I wanted to write, it’s because I need to speak my mind out 😉 Once I thought that blog keeps me critical, brought me here and spent another half an hour in front of my monitor, blogging about how critical mind is made through blogging and how addictive it is. Well, now I’m turning back…

Others might think that what I have in mind is somehow unrelated to design, Right?
No, you’re half wrong. After reading all “blablablabla” of Blogs addiciton, critical mind. Did you come over to think of Design itself as a whole? Think about these questions:

1. Where did your design Ideas come from?
2. When you wanna design, and you start sketching something on your scrapbook, what makes you draw what you wanted to draw?
3. When you find for inspirations, in any type of media, have you ever feel that your mind is filled with “joy” of ideas?

So where, did everything comes from?
And today, this second this moment, I just wanted to tell everybody, that blogging is one of the “cheapest” way to get your mind to be as critical as it could be.

Probably, Blogging is you hobby? 🙂

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