#FlashbackDiary – Japan Neverending Memory

I never thought my journey in Japan will give me a neverending memory. with my five senses I could truely feel how I miss Japan, already. Though it’s been nearly more than half-years, I’m back to my home country. I miss everything, mostly my travelling  journey, my classmates, the foods, nearly everything.

I have a new habit for what I do when I am missing Japan badly. Is to open my albums, and scroll down my photos and see for inspirations and motivations. All I had there was much fun and happiness, and no hectic life like here. But, it might not felt like that if I were a Japanese myself, I guess.

So, here is my plan for my blog (which I left empty for months). I want to make a little contemplation, on my reminiscences. And hope it works. I will put a hashtag #FlashbackDiary on every blog I made for my past in Japan. Hoping that this thing will keep me update on my Blog, keep my mind working to write something, and keep sharing to my readers (though I don’t know if people still wanna read my Blog with no interesting articles lately)..

So, in this #FlashbackDiary i will try to also upload some photos 1 or 2 in every hashtag, to let everyone use their imagination, to feel what it was like to be in Japan.

Hope you all enjoy!

I’m back for now! ^______^ v

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