#FlashbackDiary – Namba Parks “Public Shows”

A 9 floor parks, with shopping malls in between. A park for middle to upper class, with variety of commercial attractions. A place I did for survey, and a place I spent most of the time sitting, on roof top, or watching what the Japanese do. So marvelous. Especially at night. Splendid Namba Parks!  During spring, they have special flowers in mostly each of the floors and plant nicely and beautifully. Yet, because I do love flower, those things was so pleasant and so relaxing.

First part will be about “Public Shows” at namba parks. For this I found it coincidentally happening! (photos dated: 28th of June 2009, around 1pm-2pm).

theatre *no one*

theatre *lots of people*

fashion show

A lovely place for contemplation. Thinking how important a public space is to create a wondeful society. Refer to my old post https://katakugini.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/started-my-reasearch-on-open-space/🙂

that’s it for today!

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