#FlashbackDiary – Namba Parks “Public Shows”

A 9 floor parks, with shopping malls in between. A park for middle to upper class, with variety of commercial attractions. A place I did for survey, and a place I spent most of the time sitting, on roof top, or watching what the Japanese do. So marvelous. Especially at night. Splendid Namba Parks! ย During spring, they have special flowers in mostly each of the floors and plant nicely and beautifully. Yet, because I do love flower, those things was so pleasant and so relaxing.

First part will be about “Public Shows” at namba parks. For this I found it coincidentally happening! (photos dated: 28th of June 2009, around 1pm-2pm).

theatre *no one*

theatre *lots of people*

fashion show

A lovely place for contemplation. Thinking how important a public space is to create a wondeful society. Refer to my old post https://katakugini.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/started-my-reasearch-on-open-space/ ๐Ÿ™‚

that’s it for today!

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